Gift Certificate

Not sure what to get? A gift certificate might be the perfect choice. Your gift certificate can be emailed or mailed.

Please enter the recipients name in the first field


decide if you want to have it mailed or emailed in the second option


decide what amount you would like to purchase (in multiples of $5).

For example if you purchase a $25 gift certificate for your friend Cheryl your input would look like this:

Neede another gift certificate for another friend? Simply do it again but with a new name in the recipient window.

Confused? Email me an I'd be glad to help!

Please note: the gift certificate amount applies to products, not shipping charges. To redeem the gift certificate the total amount of all products in your basket has to equal or exceed the amount of your gift certificate. Our software does not have the capability to track 'credits' from an unused portion of the certificate.


Price: $5.00