Batik Wetbag - Dual Pocket (new double zip version)

You know you have a lot of choices when it comes to wetbags. Tired of the same old cutesie prints?

Why not splurge on something special for yourself?

Batiks are NOT mass produced print fabric. Even today batik is still made the old fashioned way by applying wax to cotton fabric and using tools such as tjantings to create the pattern. The fabric is dyed numerous times to produce a product that is both beautiful and unique.

Our new line of batik wetbags are made professionally by Heather of and - just like our previous bags - are carefully constructed from a separate hand dyed cotton batik outer and a PUL inner. The separate bags only merge at the top with the zipper to prevent any kind of wicking.

Our bags are both beautiful and durable.

Four different types are available:

small - 9" by 7" (perfect for wipes or pads)

medium- 9" by 10" (perfect for pads or a single diaper)

large - 11" by 15" (perfect to hang in the bathroom, for multiple pads, family cloth, multiple diapers, etc.)

dual pocket  double zip style- 12" by 5.5" (a PUL lined, zippered wetbag pocket  for soiled pads and a separate pocket for your clean pads - both with zippers)

Currently available batik fabrics (see drop down menu for fabrics available in in-stock bags. quantities are limited):


Price: $24.95