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New Colorcoding for 2012  

Since we are offering a multitude of absorbency options it can get kind of confusing as far as differentiating between the different pads in your stash goes.

For 2012 we have attempted to take the color coding to the next level to make it easier on you.

Let's first take a look at what stays the same!

Here are a few examples of light, medium and heavy absorbency pads. As you can see, they all have different colored insides:


And here is what will be different:

You already know that we have been leaving the ends open to speed up drying time. After some testing we have decided to also add an open area in the center. This will also allow you to see the center portion of your pad.


Customers have advised us that it was difficult for them to differntite between their extra absorbency pads and unenhanced pads

In response to that we have redesigned the extra absorbency pads to have that extra layer of absorbency on the very bottom of the soaker layers. It is still only in the center third of the pad.

This will enable you to see the center portion and know whether a pad has extra absorbency - or not:

We hope this will make it easier for you to sort your stash of Domino Pads!